Restaurant review: Wayzata holiday hop

Recently my boyfriend and I were looking for something holiday-ish to do when we came across a post from one of our favorite restaurants: Sushi Fix. If you are a sushi connoisseur, go nowhere else. But we’ll get to that later. The post was for a Holiday Hop at Wayzata’s restaurants and bars on Water Street. We love to try new places and Wayzata had a few. A food and bar hop? Why not!

We started at Wayzata’s newest restaurant, 6Smith. When we arrived, they handed us coupons for apps later that night and free brunch. We found ourselves a spot at the petite, yet industrial-looking bar. We ordered drinks while waiting for the event to begin. We saw the bartenders prepping samples of Moscow Mules (which is “the” drink this winter, but must be in copper mugs of course) and some type of coffee liquor I didn’t quite catch. I much preferred the mule.

We had to move on. We had 8 places to visit and only 3 hours – oh, and of course we had to catch what we could of the Gopher game. We walked to a steakhouse we had been to before, Gianni’s. It was always very inviting and this time was no different. The staff was very friendly and approached us with their free punch sample, which was a full drink! Although it made me pucker, it was much appreciated. We decided to order some small apps – steak bites and grilled shrimp. They were very small, but you must order steak when at a steakhouse, and I have to say the shrimp were the best I’ve had! We’ll be coming back.

Next up, we made a quick stop at McCormick’s. Think seafood shack found somewhere on the East Coast. Their special was double pours of house wine…how can you pass up that? We were quickly reminded that it isn’t classy, nor fun, to chug wine when on a bar hop. I needed a little help finishing mine.

Cov was our fourth stop. We had been here before and it must be the place to hang out “on the lake”. It’s always busy, even at three in the afternoon. I’m not sure if the all-white walls makes it appear clean and classy, or just overall sterile. The backdrop would be hard to beat during prime patio time. The other downer to this stop was that it didn’t have any specials, or at least none of which the staff knew. We ordered what was recommended, realizing we were paying full (over) price when we left.

We hopped on over to People’s Organic where they offered beer or coffee. I tried a while ale, which was really pleasing. We also got free samples of their veggie burger and pork slider. The pork was delicious! Even my boyfriend (the meat and potatoes guy) said the veggie burger wasn’t bad. They definitely get points for having both food and drink offerings!

We quickly stopped into the new Lund’s & Byerly’s Kitchen. This place offered a lot more than I was expecting – from formal seating to a full bar. I had a sample of prosecco and a bite of a bread app and we had to be on our way!

Across the street was the Municipal Bar of Wayzata, also known as “The Muni”. This is the local bar. It has sports, bands, and even pulltabs. They have some good food for a bar, too. But we were in for their special spiked hot cider. It’d be good, but wasn’t mixing well with the rest of the cold drinks, so I just took a sip.

Lastly, we ended up where we had first heard of this holiday hop, at our beloved Sushi Fix for dinner. We barely beat the clock, but with the final punch in our cards we handed them in. We never did win any prizes, but we got to experience a few new places and had our favorite salmon roll at our favorite sushi bar. Kampai!


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