Beyond the stages are songs, sights and smiles

Last night I attended Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol at the Guthrie. My boyfriend first took me to the production last year as a surprise. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was so glad I experienced it. This year’s performance was just as splendid as the last, and I enjoyed it so much that I hope to make it a tradition.

When I mentioned I was going to A Christmas Carol, a woman I work with thought I said “going Christmas caroling.” Don’t put that past me, but when I explained to her that I would not be the one caroling, she stated “but that’s not a musical.”

I had to think. I recalled hearing many songs. The singing and dancing and laughing made me want to live in that time. That was why I liked it so much. Their songs were so very joyous, heartfelt, and celebratory – it enraptured me.

Beyond the sounds of the stages are many other unique spaces. Cantilevered walkways lead you to vast views. The Endless Bridge is a guide to a glass lookout where see Minneapolis bridges in every direction. The Dowling Studio Lobby is still one of the Guthrie’s best-kept secrets, despite it’s encapsulating amber glow. The box of sunlight gives way to the infamous Gold Metal Flour sign, Now Playing marquee, and if you walk across the room, the new Vikings football stadium.

I hope to visit the Guthrie, in all its splendor, every year. For there are more than just plays and musicals, but sights to be seen and smiles to be cherished.


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